PLMX product data exchange format

The standards-based file format for
product lifecycle management exchange



PLMX technical data

PLMX description

The PLMX standard represents two related entities:

PLMX schema specification

The plmx.xsd file defines the element names, data types and relationships of a PLMX-compatible file.

PLMX packaged data file format

A PLMX-compatible file consists of an XML component, which contains all of the product metadata, and zero or more file attachments. The XML component conforms to the plmx.xsd schema specification, and within the PLMX package is simply named plmx.xml. Each of the optional file attachments is listed separately in a virtual attachments subfolder. In addition, there are several house-keeping files within the package.

PLMX compression (packaging)

PLMX files are packaged using an RFC compressions scheme.

A PLMX-compatible packaged file, which contains the PLMX-compatible file and possibly file attachments, has a file extension of .plmx, such as Assembly.plmx. An uncompressed PLMX-compatible XML file will typically have a .xml file extension.

PLMX technical description

The PLMX technical description is under development and will be published as soon as available. Please contact us if you need immediate information beyond the plmx.xsd file.

PLMX interoperability through XSLT documents

One of the principal advantages of using XML is the ability to apply XML transformations, called XSLT documents. A PLMX XSLT maps the PLMX schema to another (usually less capable) format so that the data can be read, edited and saved by other applications.

Comma-separated value ("CSV") text files

CSV-formatted files use an application-independent format to exchange data. The format is primarily focused on the data element delimiters, and offers no assistance in specifying or enforcing data types or relationships. Many computer applications use CSV as the lowest common denominator for data, and it is up to the XSLT developer to ensure that the transformation is reliable.

Microsoft Excel .XLS files

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are often used to create and view column/row data. While the format offers some data type hinting, this may sometimes be ignored by the application. For example, when importing a string with numeric characters, Excel may treat the value as a number, and reformat it accordingly, even if the intent is to retain the text formatting.

IPC-2570 PDX data exchange format

The IPC/NEMI standard IPC-2570 for Supply Chain Communication, also known as the Product Data eXchange (PDX) file format, consists of several related documents:

These standards use a less robust DTD-based approach to XML data type definitions, but are often used in older PLM and ERP applications.